Refund Policy & Terms of Service

Terms of Service & Refund Policy

This information is very important. Make sure to read it every time you deposit funds with us as it is amended periodically.

By making a deposit on our website you accept and agree to the Refund Policy & Terms and Conditions stated herein.

  1. All credit deposits are final. No refunds for credits are offered for deposits with the exception that the service becomes permanently unavailable. This is very unlikely as it has been running for more than 8 years now.
  2. For Deposits over $1000 we only accept Tether USDT TRC20 on Tron network. Contact us for details. We can make exceptions for trusted buyers only.
  3. We do not guarantee that the service will be running 24/7. It may be possible to encounter technical difficulties or the service may go offline temporarily. It should be noted we have never had the service offline for more than 24 hours at a time. If the service is offline you are asked to inform us and then wait patiently for the service to be restored.
  4. We only allow each user to order 25 reports per day. If you consistently pass these limits we may terminate your account. In special cases, we may increase these limits but a special request must be made by the user.
  5. Payment disputes or suspected fraud will result in a permanent ban of your email address and IP address, credit card or payment account with this website and also on all of our resellers and affiliate websites.
  6. In the case of an error or invalid report, a store credit will be offered. However, you must check that your VIN number is valid before re-submitting the same VIN number again. Sometimes an invalid VIN number is accepted but shows no reports. Do not re-order using the same invalid VIN number over and over as it will be considered as a report towards our daily report limits. We are limited to how many reports we can process each day.
  7. If we find you are submitting invalid VIN numbers over and over again we reserve the right to terminate your account. There are many free websites where you can validate your VIN number.
  8. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the Number of records field shown before ordering a report. When in doubt compare the number of records displayed against other websites.
  9. If you have a question or complaint do not open a payment dispute for customer service purposes.
  10. Anyone opening a payment dispute will be permanently banned from using our services.
  11. To contact us about complaints or questions use email: [email protected] Check your junk mail and spam folders too. Alternatively, you can send us a message on Telegram to user ID @Unlocker44
  12. We reserve the right to amend our terms of service periodically. You are responsible for re-reading and accepting it every time you make a new deposit.
  13. These Terms and Conditions replace any other terms and conditions that we may have provided to you previously.

If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions or refund policy then do not make a payment on our website.

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.

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